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Iustitia --> Consecrated Life

Dependence and Rightful Autonomy of Religious Institutes in the Code of the Oriental Churches
     Author: Varghese Koluthara

The author presents the dependence and rightful autonomy of religious institutes in the CCEO under the following main points: 1) The Subtitle ‘Dependence of Religious on Eparchial Bishop, the Patriarch and the Apostolic See,’ 2) Indirect References to the Rightful Autonomy of Monasteries and other Religious Institutes in the CCEO highlighting the Genesis, Development and Final Formulation of CCEO cc. 411, 412, 413, 418 §2 and 571 with a commentary to each, 3) Pastoral Works of the Religious in CIC and CCEO, 4) Involvement of the Eparchial Bishop with Monasteries and Religious Institutes according to CCEO and Conclusion stressing the Harmony between Dependence and Autonomy.

Dimensions of Law in the Church
     Author: George Nedungatt

The author gave a series of lectures on Theology of Law at the Institute of Oriental Canon Law, Dharmaram Vidyakshetram, Bangalore, in June-July 2011. The present article contains the text of the last lecture in a slightly revised form. The lectures were entitled as follows: 1) Theology of Law: Point of Departure, 2) Law in the Old Testament, 3) The Covenant: Biblical Foundation of Law, 4) Law in the New Testament, 5) Survival of the Old Testament Law in the Church, 6) Ius divinum, 7) Dimensions of Law in the Church. This last lecture is a synthesis of the foregoing ones on a different key. It tries to identify the characteristics of law in the Church as situated at the cross-section of anthropology, Christology, pneumatology, ecclesiology, sociology, and history. Law in the Church must be viewed as set on a value scale. Hence it is proper to speak of the hierarchy of laws in the Church on the model of the hierarchy of truths, to which theologians should be attentive. Similarly canonists must be attentive to the hierarchy of laws or the hierarchical dimension of laws in the Church.

Théotokos and Religious Life in CCEO
     Author: Maria-Ionela Cristescu

The author makes an attempt to expose the place and role of Bl. V. Mary in the canons of CCEO. She treats 1) The Marian Note of the Canonical Legislation, 2) «Status quaestionis» of the Canonical Legislation on Marian Cult, 3) The Christifideles and the Marian Cult in CCEO can. 884, and 4) Théotokos and Religious Life according to CCEO under the following subtitles: 4.1) Théotokos, Regina Monachorum and Mater religiosorum, 4.2) Théotokos and Consecrated Life: Specific and Non-Specific Reference, 4.3) the “marianity” of CCEO can. 410 and finally 4. 4) Théotokos and the Liturgical Norms.

Ecumenical Significance of CCEO with Special Application in the Context of Inter-Church Relations in India
     Author: Mathew Kochupurackal

The Subject under discussion is presented in detail under four major titles: 1) Ecumenical Dialogue, 2) Ecumenism or Fostering the Unity of Christians, 3) Admission of non-Catholic Christians to Catholic Church, and 4) Sharing of Spiritual Activities and Resourses. The author concludes the long article by making an attempt, in the second part, to apply the theoretical principles in the context of the Kerala Church under the general title, ‘Ecumenical Cooperation in the Context of Kerala.’

Religious Community as Communion of Common Life in the Light of CCEO Culture
     Author: Siby CMC

Dr. Siby deals with the 1) Nature of Communion, 2) Communion and Common Life in the Religious Community (Monasteries, orders, Congregations and other forms of Consecrated Life) 3) The Juridical Conditions Essential for Religious Communities (Provinces, Houses, Superiors, Synaxes, and Councils, Rightful admission, observance of Statutes, Role and Responsibilities of superiors, Stability Cused by the Public Profession of Vows (Obedience, Chastity, Poverty) and 4) Stable Manner of Common Life and Sources and Manifestations of Communion. The key to her article could be found in her concluding statement: “It is a fact that nobody can ‘kill’ us from outside; we, the individual and community, die from within, in the absence of communion.”

     Author: Aaron Milavec


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