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Article Abstracts

Vinayasadhana --> The Art of Parenting and Formation

Paradigms in Formation: Approaches in Priestly and Religious Training in a Globalized World
     Author: Joseph Mathew

This article explores the challenges of priestly and religious
formation and the employment of a paradigm in formation.
Globalization has had its impact on the society and the world.
We can see a shift in the worldview of the image and mission
of the Church today. Various scandals of sexual abuse are
brought to light, and it has various implications for Formation.
The article talks about the paradigm shift that calls for radical
changes in approaches to the formation to the priesthood and
consecrated life.

Parenting Challenges and Skills for Effective Formation
     Author: Priya Treesa Thomas

The 21st century presents novel opportunities and different
challenges for family life and parenting. The child today is living
in a different world than the previous generation. Parents wonder
if their children will be able to survive in this world and learn new
job skills for a new century. Many factors can aid the parents in
their journey of becoming effective parents. This article discusses
how parents can lay down the foundation of a healthy adult and
happy future by adopting certain strategies. Hence, to be effective
parents, one needs to be able to let go and be open to new learning.

The Trinity Who Prays and Engages Others to do the Same
     Author: David B. Perrin

St. Jerome’s University, Waterloo, Canada

Need of the Hour: Formation or Training?
     Author: Sebastian Athappilly

Formation is a matter of spirituality after the models of Jesus
Christ and His Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. This has to be
distinguished from the mere training of some skills and practicing
many devotions. The spirit of prayer is an essential element of
spirituality and is different from reciting many prayers. In the
evaluation and promotion of the candidates, positive criteria of
spirituality should replace the merely negative norms of “having
made no problems.” Formation also entails human formation and
theological formation. Theological formation should promote
liturgical and missionary spirituality and sound theological
reflection which is at the service of faith. Theology is not to be
perceived and pursued as a mere “objective” university discipline.
The need of the hour is a holistic formation as conformation to
and transformation into Christ, which is ultimately the work of
the Holy Spirit!

A Woman’s Perspective on a Spirituality of Brotherhood
     Author: Janet K. Ruffing

Religious brothers remain poorly understood in the contemporary
church. Since Vatican II, they have undergone their own renewal
recognizing more clearly the particular charism of the brother as
distinct from and resistant to clericalism, based authentically in the
non-hierarchical relationship of being a brother to the brotherless.
The essay testifies to experiences with brothers, their vocational
roots in the Biblical stories of brothers and the explicit teachings
of Jesus about non-hierarchical relationships in the reign of God.
Contemporary brothers have explicitly rejected all forms of
clericalism, and embraced egalitarian forms of relationship, and
renewed attitudes toward work. Insights from the psychology
of masculine development have yielded insight to their own
development and can further enhance their ministries with boys
and men.

The Bhakti Dimensions of a Biblical Sage
     Author: Kalluveettil

The paper tries to articulate certain features of the biblical
spirituality of Fr. Canisius CMI, the Servant of God. Thus we
can summarize them: Thy Will My Will, Maran Atta Perspective,
Prayer as Rest, Praising Dynamics, Rejoicing in the Spirit,
Ideology of the Suffering Servant, Religious Call to Become a
Loving Fellowship, Administration a Spiritual Charism, and the
Christian Family as a Tiny Heaven.

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