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Patriarchy and Sexual Roles: Active-Passive Gender Roles versus an Ethics of Mutuality

Journal of Dharma --> Gender And Religion -->Patriarchy and Sexual Roles: Active-Passive Gender Roles versus an Ethics of Mutuality

In this article, we shall first try to understand the continuing impact of the gender prejudice that women are sexually passive and the consequent exploitation of women. We shall consider the data from empirical studies and the critical evaluation of the active-passive gender paradigm by Christian ethicists. Following that we shall consider how Song of Songs, formulated in a patriarchal background, challenges the notion of passive sexual role assigned to women. In the Scriptures, in general, we find the patriarchal concepts and practices. But, within that tradition itself we find a differing tradition, where woman’s desire and fulfilment are acknowledged and presented as the design of God. It is important to make use of the sources (whatever is available!) in fighting the unhealthy gender polarizations that have entered into the tradition. Finally, we shall see the importance of mutuality in a Christian ethic of man-woman relationship. 

Vol. 36.  No. 4,  July 2011.  P.p. 435-452


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