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Need of the Hour: Formation or Training?

Vinayasadhana --> The Art of Parenting and Formation -->Need of the Hour: Formation or Training?

Formation is a matter of spirituality after the models of Jesus
Christ and His Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. This has to be
distinguished from the mere training of some skills and practicing
many devotions. The spirit of prayer is an essential element of
spirituality and is different from reciting many prayers. In the
evaluation and promotion of the candidates, positive criteria of
spirituality should replace the merely negative norms of “having
made no problems.” Formation also entails human formation and
theological formation. Theological formation should promote
liturgical and missionary spirituality and sound theological
reflection which is at the service of faith. Theology is not to be
perceived and pursued as a mere “objective” university discipline.
The need of the hour is a holistic formation as conformation to
and transformation into Christ, which is ultimately the work of
the Holy Spirit!

Vol. 8.  No. 2,  July 2017.  


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