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ĀTMĀNUTĀPAM A Staurological Understanding of ‘Tattvamasi’

Herald of the East --> Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara: To the Desert and Back -->ĀTMĀNUTĀPAM A Staurological Understanding of ‘Tattvamasi’

: Jojo Parecattil CMI makes an Indian reading of ĀTMĀNUTĀPAM and in the lines of Chavara, he discovers a staurological understanding ofTattvamasi’. Tattvamasi is one of the greatest Upaniadic sayings found in Chāndogya Upaniad (6.8.7). The undivided supreme unity is the whole message of the precept. It is a vedāntic articulation of harmony. Parallels of the same vedāntic teaching can be seen in Christianity as well. Similar teachings are found in the book of Wisdom (Wis 7:25-27). In the staurological understanding of ‘Tattvamasi’, the cross of Jesus represents both the ‘tat’ and ‘tvam’ parts of ‘Tattvamasi. In the crucifix, Chavara read his own true and authentic autobiography. The self-criticism, before the crucifix led him to the self-realization of tattvamasi-consciousness. In Ātmānutāpam we see a Tattvamasi-consciousness, which is completely Christological and staurological. In Ātmānutāpam, Chavara is growing from the literal meaning of ‘Tattvamasito its intended meaning. Before the crucified Lord, the Bible enlightens us to shed the limitations of humanity and grow into the self-realization. There, Chavara realizes this staurological dimension of tattvamasi.

Vol. 12.  No. 2,  December 2016.  P.p. 243-255


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